NETneighbor is a Community Area Intranet System designed and developed by PTC Computer Solutions out of Jacksonville, Florida.  This system is designed to meet the communication needs of master planned communities.

NETneighbor helps bring a community together by providing faster and easier access to local community features, amenities, and events as well as local retail shops.  Typical questions we have found from our community residents are as follows (from the perspective of the resident):

What is high-speed bandwidth?
Anything faster than 56 Kbps (kilobytes per second) is considered to be high speed.  Typically it is supplied at 128 Kbps and moves up from there to any magnitude.

Do I need a separate telephone line?
No, the community intranet and the connection to the World Wide Web are on a separate cable.  You will always be connected and never need a telephone line to do so.

Who is the provider of services?
In communities we have done thus far, we have utilized our strategic alliances with BrightStar
Digital Group to provide television services through a digital satellite system.  The distribution from the satellite head-end along with the inclusion of intranet and Internet connectivity has been completed along with Sprint who provides the connection to the Internet.

Do I have to buy anything to make my computer work on the network?
You need a Network Interface Card (NIC) for each computer you want connected to the service.  Each home is wired with a structured wiring package with Category 5 cable allowing for you to plug your computer into that Category 5 outlet which looks like a fatter telephone cable outlet.  The NIC is then automatically recognized and set up by the system.

Who installs the NIC, or how do I do it?
You can follow the instructions supplied with the NIC, or you can have the computer vendor where you made your NIC purchase or any other vendor install the card.

How secure is this network?
This setup is a TRUE intranet.  This means there is a server on the premises behind a firewall.  This will give you optimum protection from electronic intrusion, however, you will still have to guard against viruses from emails or other areas.

Am I protected from hackers and viruses?
You are to the extent of your virus protection software.  Hackers will be thwarted by the firewall in place, but viruses can still get through your email.  If you have an up-to-date anti-virus program installed on your computer and you do not give access to anyone outside the community, you will not have a problem.

How is an intranet different from the Internet?
The intranet is a community-wide, private, secure network for the use of the residents and for their eyes only where as the Internet and the World Wide Web which resides on the Internet is outside the community for anyone to see.

How can I be sure I am protected from electronic intrusion if my computer is always on?
As long as your computer is within the intranet community, you are behind the firewall.  This is the best protection you can receive other than turning your computer off.  You can also add purchasable software firewalls on your computer.

Can I use two or more computers at the same time in my house?
Yes, your house is wired and setup as a Local Area Network (LAN).  Peer-to-peer networking or client-server networking can be accomplished with this setup.

What special equipment is in my house?
You have a cable modem and a 5-port hub installed in your structured wired distribution center.

Do I pay extra for this wiring and equipment?
The cost of wiring and equipment is part of the structured wiring that enables your house to be a “smart home” and is included in the cost of the home.

How do I setup my computers to use the “internal network”?
Each computer you want on you home LAN needs a NIC and a network cable (Category 5 cable with RJ45 connector).

Can I use a single printer for all my computers?
Yes, as long as you have setup your home LAN.

What happens to my intranet connection if the system goes down?
If the cable service to your home goes down you would not be able to access the community intranet or the World Wide Web until it is restored.  However, you would still be able to use your home LAN.

Do I pay extra for access to the Internet?
No, always on high speed Internet access is included in your basic services package.

Is my home security system tied into the intranet?
No, but it could be if you wanted it to.  This would be an optional upgrade you could discuss with the structured wiring provider for your home.

Can I access my home computer from outside the community?
Yes, you can utilizing your user name and password, but you want to be sure not to give this information to anyone else.

To find out more about how this system works, visit our Example Site online.  Test it out for yourself.