NETneighbor is the culmination of over four years of work creating the strategic alliances and cultivating the required knowledge base to compile a completely and truly connected community with provisions for every resident in the community of television, telephone, security monitoring, structured wiring, intranet portal, and high speed Internet.  It is the creation of PTC Computer Solutions and Parker Associates.  Click Here to look at a pdf of our company profile.

PTC Computer Solutions

PTC Computer Solutions is a full service computer consultant and Internet Services Provider established in 1996 by David W. B. Parker. He has been involved with the Internet since 1985 and has degrees in engineering and computer science from the University of Florida. Prior to forming PTC, he was employed as systems analyst with Aetna, Citicorp and Litton Industries

Parker Associates

Parker Associates real estate development marketing consultants, of Jacksonville, Florida was established in 1982.  They have served over 300 clients in 26 states and 11 foreign countries with market research and applied marketing consultation.  With their knowledge of real estate development and the way community developments come to fruition, NETneighbor has a significant edge on any prospective competition.

NETneighbor is a Community Area Intranet designed and developed by the combination of this team of systems, structured wiring, and telecommunications professionals along with the best knowledge base available for community development.  This configuration of telecommunications and intranet is designed to meet the communication needs of master planned communities for both the Developer or Home Owners Association and the Resident.  NETneighbor helps bring a community together by providing faster and easier access to local community features, amenities, and events as well as local retail shops.

To find out more about how this system works, visit our Example Site online.  Test it out for yourself.