Most local businesses receive a large portion of their business from customers that live within a 10-mile radius. Prior to the internet, the ability for local businesses to target market to customers in a specific physical location has been limited to billboards and newspapers. NETneighbor has created one of the most effective direct marketing solutions for local businesses by combining a sophisticated internet based business application with an interactive neighborhood application.
NETneighbor delivers sponsors a captive audience. Residents are motivated to visit their community website often in order to stay abreast of community issues that directly affect their most valuable asset. 
NETneighbor has a number of sophisticated features that residents of a community use to interact and communicate.
NETneighbor provides sponsors with the ability to deploy basic directory information, along with a description of their business, and digital photographs.  A small percentage of businesses spend thousands of dollars building web-sites and find that after 6 months they need to spend more to update the website with new information, products and services. NETneighbor provides an on-line store application that allows a non-technical person to take pictures and update the store with new products and information. 
If you are a business, either local or national, interested in becoming a sponsor at one of our communities or for NETneighbor itself, please fill out the following form or contact us at the information below.
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