NETneighbor provides a "one stop shop" for developers and builders looking to provide a telecommunications solution in their communities.  Through many strategic alliances developed and cultivated since 1996, NETneighbor provides the needed services for today's new community development including not only television and local telephone, but also high speed always on Internet service, community intranet, and security monitoring among others.  No more dialing into the Internet for your residents, with NETneighbor, they're always connected.

NETneighbor is a technology amenity for your community.  This amenity will add value to your developments and put you ahead of the competition.  We can provide a variety of services to fit your community's needs including:

  • Local Telephone
  • Long Distance Telephone
  • Television
  • High Speed Internet
  • Community Wide Security Monitoring
  • Community Intranet
  • And More...

This is all tied together with our NETneighbor community intranet designed and built for you.  Is this all expensive?  Not at all.  In fact, due to the packaging of services provided to all your residents, service providers for television, telephone, Internet, security monitoring, and more offer discounts due to purchase agreements involving bulk rating.  These savings are then passed on to the home owners at a significant savings, sometimes as much as 50% off of what they would pay for the same services on an individual basis.

Contact us to discuss your personal situation and we will provide you with detailed information on how we can help you.